Monday, November 26, 2007

So what, exactly, is the deal here?

Basically this blog is a companion to our fan fiction web site Chez Rozilla. As well as posting updates here when we post something new to the site, we'll also occasionally post our thoughts on and experiences with fandom.

And this is different from your Live/Insane Journals, how?

The content here is strictly fannish. You won't find memes, quizzes, posts about politics, or information about our daily lives here.

You write fan fiction based on other writers' works? Porn? Real Person Fiction? Has it occurred to you that...?

Stop right there. Between the two of us, we've spent roughly 40 years in fandom and roughly 20 of those years writing fan fiction. We've had all the discussions and yes, we've both worked through the moral and ethical implications of what we write.

How did you two hook up?

In 2003, we met in a online fannish community and were also involved in a text fan fiction RPG called The Establishment. One thing led to another and we became close friends and started writing together outside the game. We fell for each other, met in real life and then, in 2005, having decided to never again face a New England winter, Darkrose came to California and moved in with Telesilla. We've been together since then. Awwwww.

Why fan fiction? Why aren't you focusing all your energy and talent on writing something that could be published professionally?

While neither of us has absolutely ruled out the idea of publishing something professionally, our main focus is and will continue to be, fan fiction. Asking why we don't turn pro is like asking a friend who knits why she doesn't sell her work. For us, writing is a hobby and a stress-release and an enjoyable activity; it's not work and we'd like to keep it that way.

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