Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Site Update 05/07/08

Wow, I got behind so it's a Hugh Jass update this time around.

Three stand alone fics by Telesilla:

Do the Math -- John/Rodney -- rated PG -- What services can Dr. M. Rodney McKay expect from a $5,500 an hour hooker named John?

Down this Chain of Days -- Rodney/Teyla -- rated NC-17 -- AU. In which Rodney and Teyla work together, play together and Rodney does some problem solving that has nothing to do with physics.

It's Exactly What You Think It Is -- John/Ronon -- rated NC-17 -- When Dave asks about Ronon yet again, John goes off. ("Outcast" episode tag)

One remix by Telesilla (now w/ DVD commentary and kung-fu action grip) :

Sheppard's Choice (the Theory of the Male Gaze remix) -- John/Rodney -- rated PG -- Sheppard suddenly has a female body and Rodney can't stop looking. This is a remix of cupidsbow's fantastic fic Sheppard's Choice. DVD Commentary on my remix.

A new series by Telesilla:

A Learning Experience (parts one, two and three of a WIP)-- John/Rodney -- rated NC-17 -- John's mother is a member of a very secret, very private, very exclusive and very kinky sex club and John spends the summer of his sophomore year in college getting to know one of her household slaves, a guy named Rodney. This is also known casually as the "Establishment 'verse."

And two remixes of Telesilla's fic:

Five People Rodney McKay Didn't Expect to Miss, but Does (and One Person He Expected to Miss, but Doesn't Any More) has been excellently remixed as Five People John Sheppard Didn't Expect to Miss, But Does(And One Person He Expected To Miss, But Doesn't Anymore: the Role Reversal Remix) by kassrachel for remixredux08.

It's What You Don't See has been excellently remixed as It's What You Hear by argosy for remixredux08

PS. Say it out loud.

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