Saturday, January 5, 2008

Site Update 01/05/08

It's a mixed bag of mostly RPS tonight.


It's What You Don't See -- John/Rodney -- rated NC-17 -- AU. Rodney McKay's been a loner for close to 400 years now, which is why it makes no sense when he falls hard for a Blood Bank worker named John Sheppard. by Telesilla

Our Own Resolutions -- gen, Team Shep & Elizabeth -- rated G -- The team and Elizabeth have their own resolutions for the New Year. by Telesilla


I Reach Out (trusting you there) -- Joe Flannigan/David Hewlett -- rated NC-17 -- David looked like a drowned rat and he should have been a funny and maybe even pathetic sight--which was, of course, the intention here--but Joe had to look away and swallow. by Telesilla

The Orb of Mirlun -- Bill Fichtner/Sean Bean, Liam Neeson/Jason Isaacs -- rated PG-113 -- A summary couldn't do this one justice. You're just going have to trust me. by Telesilla

Too Much Information -- Jason Isaacs/Bill Fichtner -- NC-17 -- Um ... two hot guys and a wall. Really, what more do you need? by Darkrose and Telesilla

One Possible Answer -- Bill Fichtner/Wentworth Miller -- rated NC-17 -- Even for Wentworth, it's all about Mahone. In. A. Cage. (drabble) by Telesilla

Push Comes to Shove -- Bill Fichtner/Sean Bean-- written with helens78 -- rated NC-17 -- Both Bill and Sean are tops who end up striking out on a slow night in a bar--and if that doesn't convince you that this is fiction, I don't know what will, but anyway. When they settle for each other, who ends up on top? by Telesilla and Helens78

Sometimes You Just Get Lucky -- Sean Bean/Bill Fichtner -- co-written with helens78 -- While traveling through the UK on his summer break from Harvard, 18 year-old Bill chooses to stop for a few days in Sheffield, where he meets 16 year-old Sean and learns that travel guides sometimes miss things. This story is complete. by Telesilla and Helens78

True Touch -- Liam Neeson/Ewan McGregor -- rated R -- What would you notice first about Liam Neeson? by Telesilla

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