Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thoughts on SGA ep 4x13 -- "Quarantine"

I was prepared to hate this episode like a big hating thing that hates, and actually, I liked it more than I expected to. I'mma break it down by couple:

Rodney & Katie: Frankly, after all that, I wouldn't want to marry him either. Seriously, there are like several people who can handle Rodney and obviously, Katie's not one of them. His team can handle him, Elizabeth could and Zelenka can. Rodney's one of those guys who's a job and I don't think that he's a job Katie wants. I really think the writers came through here; they made me feel bad for both Rodney and Katie at the end there even if the closing door was kinda anvilicious.

John & Teyla: While I really don't like the whole "should I stay home with the baby?" thing, I think it's valid question for a single mother to have and I really really like that John was the one who came up with an answer. The whole "it happens all the time in movies" thing was great and I just loved him saying that her baby would have a family. Awwww.... Also, nice action hero bit with him climbing the tower.

Sam & Radek: Pigeons! Because Radek's a geek too! They were cute but I didn't really get any kind of "couple" vibe off them, or even a UST thing on Radek's part. I did love the bit where the jackets came off and Radek was in line to get a nice eyeful of Sam's impressive rack. Also, Radek kicked his usual ass through the whole episode; oh David N. how are you so awesome?! And Sam was good in this too; geeky and also nicely confident in one of her people.

Ronon & Keller: OMG people, did every scene with them rock hard or what?! Seriously if I said everything I liked about their scenes, I would go on for hours and the end result would be "I liked everything!" They are awesome and made of win together and I hope to hell the writers don't fuck it up the way writers so often do with canon relationships. Also, I do find it really interesting that they gave Keller Rodney's fanon background.

Also, OMG the exchange between John and Lorne about the C4 just killed me. Lorne's "whaddya want from me" expression and gesture was priceless. It's so cool that they're comfortable with each other because it really does speak volumes for the how well they function as commander and XO.

So yeah, I enjoyed this ep quite a bit. It wasn't Doppleganger but it was fun and I think it really was a nice ensemble episode, which is always good to see.

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